Banger Heat Awards 2012

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Banger Heat Awards 2012

Post  Dalags on Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:25 am

Posted these on OvalChat, but I know not everyone is registered on there or checks the Heat section out.

Due to the popularity of last years, I'll be running these again in a
similar way to last years. Few things have been changed slightly, so
please re-read the basic rules and stuff please.
Optional questions also make a return. They've been re-adjusted and are
more relevant than ever, with so much being learnt throughout 2012, your
answers will affect what new content we see in the new season.

Voting closes at 1am on the 27th December.

All votes and comments will be anonymous.
Votes by PM or FaceBook message only! Votes on this thread will not count and will be removed.
You can only vote if you've raced online this year.
You also must vote for the majority of categories, e.g you can't just vote in one category and leave the rest blank!

Few changes to this years include:
-You can vote for UKDirt/UKDirt drivers in the categories - since people did last year anyway!!
-You can't vote for yourself!
Weird how quite a few voted for themselves last year..? These votes
will not be counted. Categories that exclude this are best league (if
you run a league) and Best/Worst team.
-You must have 1 solid vote per category.
Probably the most annoying thing about last year - Alot of votes were
not counted due to people chosing loads of drivers for 1 category? If
you really can't decide, pick 1 person, then give others a mention or
class them as 2nd or 3rd in your comment!

Some categories have been replaced for others so we can focus on
positives, rather than negatives. Got rid of cheat of the year due to
the new mod getting rid of cheat messages....Well, Patxi would win that
category anyway
Also got rid of noob of the year, adjusted a couple of others and added
a few more which I'm sure will provide an even better results thread
come the 27th!

*And finally, when filling in the questions, leave a few comments or reasoning behind your votes!*
It does actually make a good read when looking back if there are comments and opinions in there! Take a look at last years results for some inspiration! http://www.ovalbange...awards-results/
Just a sentance or 2 about why you chose who you did really makes it so much better


Best all round league?
- What league d'you enjoy the most?
1300s and SuperBangorz don't count!!

Best track for good racing? - Where d'you know you'll always get a good race?

Best track for wrecking? - Which track d'you know you'll be wearing it at?!

Rodder of the year? - Who hits f*ck all..but is good at it?

Crasher of the year? - Who's turned it round first lap, or someone who's just gone on a mission all year?

Mr.Never say die - Someone who never backs down

- Who's raced the most tin rather than opting for the usual cars this year?

Skin painter of the year? - Who's cars always turn out lush, or hardcore/raw cars look spot on etc?

Coathanger of the year?
- Who's been through the most shades of paints or team colours?

Zero to hero - Who's massivley improved this year?

Underated/top trier? - Who always puts in 100% but never manages to get that win?

Fairest driver? - Who's helped you off the
tyres when stuck, kept neutral in DP decisions, got a brilliant
attitude, doesn't complain about getting hit etc

Best driver? - Who can do it all?

Favourite driver? - Maybe not the quickest, or the one who gets stuck in, but who d'you enjoy having in chat or racing against?

Best Female driver? - Who's simply the tits?!

Ponce of the year? - Who doesn't like getting hit!!!

Mr.Gobby! - Who gives it all in chat but is shite on track?

Loss of the year! - Who's just infielded or leaned you in for no reason

Best Team? - Who's worked succesfully and dominated?

Worst Team? - Which group of drivers are just pants?

Best car class? - Unlimiteds, 2Litres, Nationals, Metros, Robins etc

Best overall car! - 260c, 2cv, sierra estate, mk2 saloon, metro invalid etc

Who would you like to see make a comeback to Online Bangers? - any old faces you miss?

And finally...
Funniest moment(s) of 2012? - What's had
you in stitches this year? Really do encourage multiple answers to this -
as last years was such a good read going through them all!

Any random comments?! - err, yeah... just say anything. go wild m8s


Optional/Extra questions.
These provided some good opinions and thoughts which helped improve
racing for the 2012 season, so more of the same please! I did actually
go through the 'what cars would you like' during this year and got a few
done (some are still in the making) so suggestions are welcome and
useful to help see what you guys want. Multiple answers allowed ofcourse

What would you like to see for next year? - Just general improvments etc
Any new rules you'd like to see put in place for 2012?
Any physics changes you'd like to see? specific cars stronger/faster/slower etc
What new track would you most want to see? (new or old, remakes of current tracks, or edits etc)
What new cars would you most want to see?
And (For those with 3dsMax) If an up to date car modelling tutorial was
available, would you have a go? Yes/No - If no, why not? (probably won't
publish answers for this question, but i'm interested to see whether
it's worth my time making a proper one)

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