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Legends Derby

Post  Toward27 on Thu May 23, 2013 5:54 am

The US Legends league have a derby coming up so I thought I'd advertise it a bit to see if anyone is interested whose never done one before. Its full contact, absolutely anything goes and is at TringR. The league provides a setup for us so no need to worry about that. So far a group of UK drivers have participated in 3 of the US derby events and through team work we've won them all.

To race you'll need the Legends mod, TringR track and the 1.80 patch for your game.
http://www.lchrl.info/ (Track is on home page and mod is in rules page)
http://www.heatfinder.net/downloads.php?c=5 (Patch 1.80)

You'll also need to get the 1.72e patch for after the event as you'll need it to race bangers (Probably best not to patch to 1.80 until the night of the derby incase you forget to patch back before racing a banger meeting this or next week)

The race is Saturday 1st June at 2am, so only a couple of hours after FNB finishes

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