28/3/13 Domestic - 1300 MildenhallV2RX

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28/3/13 Domestic - 1300 MildenhallV2RX

Post  Guest on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:08 am

Ernie523 - The DP/Admin team have counted about 20 offences including pinning, oppo on the straight, hitting on oppo on the straight, infielding, using the infield to gain an advantage, hitting from off of the infield etc.

Bearing in mind you only did 3 races its a bit of a piss take,which leads the DP team to believe you dont give a shit and turned up to cause as much chaos as possible.

You therefore have no regard for the rules and just stood to spoil the enjoyment of those following the rules so a lengthy ban would be fair under the circumstances.

The DP team have decided to give you a 3 month ban,upon your return the following 3 months will also be on a suspended ban.
Return 4/7/13

Appeals within 1 week to the DP Team profile.


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