21/3/13 Figure 8 World Final - Swaffv2X8

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21/3/13 Figure 8 World Final - Swaffv2X8

Post  Guest on Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:56 am

Combsey448 - sandbagging & Pinning - 2 weeks - Return 11/04/13


Pinning, Blocking and sandbaging are now illegal!

Leaning isnt illegal, however its gay and the lowest form of driving. If your found to be/complained about for continiously driving like a prat, you will be warned for your first 'offence' and further action will be taken if it does not stop.
Its gay, lossy and basically means your crap because you cant do it the 'proper' way........

Sandbagging...Question......I recognise sandbagging is not allowed, according to the TNB rules, but no given definition of the term is to be found in the rules. So I am assuming you’ll be going by the standard ‘sandbagging in racing’ definition on Wikipedia.
Answer...The basic principle of "sandbagging" is "underperforming" slowing your car down whilst moving in the correct direction in order to do something underhand,regardless of what that underhand thing may turn out to be.you listed various different american versions such as deliberately avoiding cars which are specific to certain types of races but the basic principle is the same,Slowing down whilst travelling in the correct direction.Your car is underperforming because it has the ability to go faster but you choose not to and your target will catch up behind you a lot quicker.

Question...You might argue that holding back my car to stop or slow down other drivers is sandbagging, yet this is allowed on the bends in form of attacking on opposite. If attacking on opposite is classed as sandbagging, then I will accept a ban on the condition that anyone else who attacked on opposite (sandbagged) is also given a ban. I recognise attacking on opposite is allowed in your TNB rules, so I am not expecting to be punished for this.
Answer...No,On oppo its travelling in the opposite direction,oppo meaning opposite,Sandbagging is travelling in the correct direction but deliberately slower than race pace.


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