22/9/11 National Banger Final (Arena Essex)

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22/9/11 National Banger Final (Arena Essex)

Post  Lee606 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:12 am

Dilano610 now on a life ban from TNB,Modding is never tolerated here.You raised suspicion and were caught,The 16.288 lap time and fact that you were clearly faster than everyone else in the races you were in confirms it,Not least a lot of other evidence we now have.

You may appeal if you wish to do so.

Weasel478 Dont be getting personal about peoples mums please,This aint a nursery for 4yr olds,You only provoke a responce which dosent do anyone any favours.

jacko234 & Smiffers22 watch your language please,You wont be told again.

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