4/8/11 European Championship - NorthamptonRX

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4/8/11 European Championship - NorthamptonRX

Post  Guest on Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:25 pm

Allypally759 - To serve 2 weeks for counts of infielding + bad language in chat
The above offences carry a 4 week penalty,
However its a first offence which would normally constitute a warning.But as 2 offences were comitted,A 2 week ban is issued.

Weasel478 Swearing in chat,First Warning.

Adam568 oppo up straight in B Final,First Warning.

Tommo129 & Timmy76 - 2 week ban for profanity on cars,
The C Word is not tolerated under any circumstances!
Would be first offence warnings but all recieved warnings last week (Westys) after complaints.

Quoted from the rules for everyone....
All skins to be sent to .... tnbangerskins@yahoo.co.uk WITH THE DRIVERS TEXT!
Skins are not to include any bad language/racism/offensive slogans or pictures of nudity in any form.

No replays or proof provided on any other complaints recieved.


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