English Championship 2010

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English Championship 2010

Post  Lee606 on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:46 am

121 & 610 both warned for your pointless trips on the infield which cause the breakdown of the LCQ,The pair of you also infielded so your lucky not to be banned,

121 your now banned for 2 weeks for continious warp week after week after week.

483 & 28 As above,both acting like complete pillocks,the DP team has decided to give you both the benefit of the doubt,However,any repeat will result in bans next time,

Dalags - Warning for cheat messages,Youve been top of the list for quite a good while now,more so in the jag,sort it out please mate,
Jacko234 & Bumble49 Warning for cheat messages,sort it out please lads,
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