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** - All Jags StandlakRX - **

Post  Jamie720 on Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:15 am

Afternoon all, Yes where back again this week with what some people call tanks!

All Jags is the affair and we will be heading to the middle of the county, Standlake!

Standlake is a great track, with the slippery surface and hard walls, This wont be one to miss!

Few quick notes before hand :-

Chucky78/99 - 3 Week ban for swearing and oppo up straight
Zippy154 - 2 week ban for infielding (started last week, so 1 to go)
Reedy632 - 2 week ban for swearing
Jaboy739 - 2 week ban for swearing
Boss348 - 2 week ban for swearing

These people wont be racing, so please Dont book in.

Also if anyone can speak to " Loaksey 83 " He needs to book himself in.

So Standlake is the date for tonight, and i can assure you.. a few people will be hitting the wall hard! Standlake is a small and tight track which will make it hard for the rodders tonight, With a few hearses booking in, and a limo that i know of..I will be mayhem!
All Jags it is tonight, it will be fast hard racing to make sure your strapped in the seat, and got your keyboard at the ready.

Booking in first is one of the many greats, In the name of Toward! With his past history of rodding,
I can garentee he will be up top tonight.Bobbert will be running this meeting tonight, and has booked in 2nd, he will want to get his hands on a win tonight!Few more regulars in FreeJohn, Jamie720 and Hardcore booked in after, All will be looking to keep up there form in getting a win, or maybe wrecking through the whole night. DannyG and Crewe were next to book in, both will be in nicely present cars i can garentee, and will both be looking to be at the top come tonight. Kane and Affro booked in, Kane will be looking to win a few race, but is also very good at wrecking, so keep ya eyes out! Affro on the other hand, is one of the best wreckers online, He can turn your race from 1st, to last! watch out.

You get 5 WQR points for doing every race. which will go towards your final WQR Standings.

Good luck!

Cheers Jamie720
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Re: ** - All Jags StandlakRX - **

Post  Toward27 on Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:38 am

Laughing My introduction gets better every week. However i struggle to rod at Standlake and i'm not a fan of Jags so i can't see me being up the top end tonight, especially with Stig in his Majestic!

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Post  teaboy279 on Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:10 am

take it easy on me tonight boys, debut and on keyboard!

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Re: ** - All Jags StandlakRX - **

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