19/11/15 Birmingham2RX Champion of Champions

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19/11/15 Birmingham2RX Champion of Champions

Post  Dalags on Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:47 am

TNB this week is Birmingham Champion of Champions, last major title this year to win on TNB.
Always a good night of close racing and crashing at Brum, so get booked in!
Cars to  tnbangerskins@yahoo.co.uk  by 6pm. #TNB chat by 7.30ish for an 8pm start.

Affro740 - Teams Rd1 Brum Dirt, Team Points
Brad162 - Arena OS Memorial Meeting, Cov Greyhound Derby
Dalags177 - Mildo 2L, Armadale Fig8, Nitten Vol's+Gran's, Alder Micros, Team Points
DannyG267 - Brum Heartbreaker, Bov Unlim, Nitten World Cup, Nitten Unlim
Dazza390 - Teams Rd3 Snowke
Deano763 - Teams Rd2 Warton
Dippy400 - Hedno National Teams, Upper Eden 2L, Teams Rd5 Mildo
Dode151 - Arena OS PRI Oldskool, Ringwood UK Open, Alder Unlim, Arena Nationals, Team Points, 3rd in Wimbo World Final, National Points
Foster307 - Cov Masters
Gaz998 - Vue Shale Shifter
Hodgie15 - Alder British, Workington Unlim
Knocker881 - Icebreaker
Lee606 - Crashattack, BVOS Pre70 World, NIR English, Bristol 2L, Tilburg European, Alder Halloween Havoc, Ringwood Team Meeting Final
Ludd33 - Mildo Suffolk Open, BVOS Pre70
MikeyG269 - Armadale Opener, Teams Rd4 Armadale, Alder FWD Fig8, Nitten National Championship
Ryano760 - Swaff Earthshaker, Smeath Winter Open, Lake Micros, Armadale Fig8 World, Workington KOTN, StDay Blockbusta, Bristol 2L World, Tilburg Unlim, Stoke Unlim, Arena PRI World, Team Points, World Qualifying Points, Vue 2Litres, 2nd in Wimbo World Final, Wimbo Final
Sam223 - Wimbo London Open, Wimbo Final, 4th in Wimbo World Final, Ringwood Teams World Final
Smithy226 - CoC 2014, Lochgelly Unlim
Snakie713 - Wimbo Plough Lane Classic, Team Points, Wimbo World Final
Teeksy693 - Alder Unlim, Nitten Unlim Final
Wizard540 - Swaff Pre70
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