16/7/2015 ArenaOldSkoolRX Pre'85 Unlimited Memorial Meeting

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16/7/2015 ArenaOldSkoolRX Pre'85 Unlimited Memorial Meeting

Post  Dalags on Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:23 pm

TNB this week is the annual memorial meeting at ArenaOldskoolRX, to remember lives lost.
Any Pre'85 Unlimited may be used.
All cars must be in tribute colours, or in oldskool styled paint - though we won't be too strict.

Bonus points:
+10 for attendance
Please note you'll have to have done a significant amount of the meeting (unspecified) in order to get points, i.e you can't do 1 or 2 races then leave basically.

Non points all night till around 9.20. 1 restart each race
Final(s) presplit if needed

Cars to tnbangerskins@yahoo.co.uk by 6pm
#TNB chat by 7.30ish
Meeting to start at 8pm
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