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Information & 2015 Points Table

Post  Lee606 on Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:20 am

Something a bit different & fun.After each meeting (usually the saturday or sunday after) 2 Polls will go up where you can vote for Material of the meeting & Smartest car of the meeting,
All winners will go in the TNB Hall of Fame.
So Place your vote,Every win is a point and be intresting to see who is Mr Material & Mr Paint/Airbrush 2014!

Material of the Meeting
Your voting on the most epic car of the meeting.Not the paintjob or the driver! The templates are normally a guide but theres still loads you can do,Add/remove chrome,Add new chrome,Make it in to a 2/4 door,Use Alpha channels/Masks to be really creative.theres loads you can do. or failing that just bring a rated piece of tin! If theres 3 or more of the same car they wont be included because it kind of defeats the object of having "Material of the Meeting" when theres another 2 the same unless they are different in some way IE Alpha channels,Chrome work etc
Do not vote for yourself.

Smartest Car
Your voting on the Smartest car of the meeting,not the car or driver.Paint a really smart car using current signage,paint a cool looking oldskool paintjob or use your skills to make the car look scratched and battered,they all count as signs.Do not vote for yourself.

The poll will close 7 days after the thread was posted
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